Buttoned shirts for the big boobied ladies

Do you have big boobies? Do they just kind of have a life of their own, showing up and showing out at any given time and place?

I do. It’s rough sometimes.

What’s really difficult is buttoned shirts. And I posted on my Facebook page asking for suggestions for this post and it seems I’m not the only one with this problem. So I’m doing some research. I don’t have much experience with buttoned shirts as of late, I gave up on trying to find one, but the hunt is on! The only thing I do know is Walmart and Old Navy are not big boobie friendly. The following are suggestions only, I HAVE NOT TRIED THEM, but from the looks of things, these shirts may work.

This shirt from Torridtorrid screenshot

This “big shirt” from Woman Withinwoman within screenshot

Another from Woman Withinwoman within screenshot2

This one from Jessica Londonjessica london screenshot

Ok, so most of these all look the same. I’m not sure how well they’d work, but it’s a fucking start to know where to look. To dress them up, you could always pair a belt with them (just under the big boobies), or roll the sleeves a little to give a relaxed look. Also, if you can’t find anything that will fit, you could always try men’s shirts. Try them on, though, because it may not work. If you got one big enough, you could pair it with leggings and boots to give a super cute look!

What do you want to see on the Plus Side of Fashion?

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