Shit Men Say Issue 1

I think all women could contribute to this post, but I’m going to gear it toward plus size women. I don’t knot what it is, but there seems to be this stigma that men can say whatever the fuck they want to plus size women because we should be bowing down to them for even talking to us.

We’re fat. We somehow aren’t worthy.

I say bullshit.

We’re beautiful. We’re amazing. And we deserve your respect.

Read below for the first ten Shit Men Say quotes from my time on dating sites.

  1. After seeing a full body pic. “Your face is pretty cute for a plus size girl.” (whatever, fucker.)
  2. Again after seeing a full body pic. “Couldn’t take you to a buffet!” (I didn’t even respond to this one.)
  3. After finding out I’m plus size. “I’d love to bury myself deep inside your tight pussy. I’ve been doing an experiment, and the larger the women, the tighter the pussy.” (Oh yeah? Very scientific, but no. I’d love to bury you in my backyard, though.)
  4. “Once you go black, you never go back.” (I’m not sure what the fuck this means, but it sounds awfully racist.)
  5. “Do you consider yourself attractive? Are you erotic?” (I’ve been talking to you for five seconds, asshat, you should shut the fuck up and calm your dick.)
  6. “Bet you can’t get too crazy in bed, huh? Like flipping and the such like small girls can.” (Well, you’ll never find out will you, Mr. Assuming Asshole.)
  7. “Wanna fuck?” (No, no I don’t.)
  8. Once I’ve turned him down. “You fucking fat bitch. You’re missing out.” (Clearly.)
  9. “R u horny” (Yes, your wonderful grammar skills make my panties wet. Especially since you’re 45 years old.)
  10. “Do you make out with girls?” (1. my sexuality is right there in the profile, so go read it, you fucktard. 2. I wouldn’t for your enjoyment, period.)

Leave me a comment with your Shit Men Say quotes and they may make the next issue!

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