SPH–Do YOU know what it means?

Cause I didn’t. And boy, was I in for a surprise.

Fairly attractive guy messages me and asks if I’m into SPH. I asked what it was, then against my better judgement, googled it. Thank you Urban Dictionary for your assistance.

SPH screenshot

What the hell? Right?


It gets better. He basically said he’s normal, if not bigger, in size and wants me to lie about how he can’t satisfy me while he fucks me. I have screenshots. Shhhh. Don’t tell. And yes, I totally messed with him. Told him I wanted a threesome with another guy, so he could see what a real dick looks like and how it works.

It was entirely too much fun. screenshot prequel SPH

He sent one. Eh. And he was working. haha

screenshot1 SPHscreenshot2 SPH

That’s an elephant dong.

screenshot3 SPHscreenshot4 sphScreenshot5 sphscreenshot last sph

After this, I told him he had to cover his face with some sort of mask and he quit replying.

Weird THAT’S what it took. haha

You got any good stories to share?

1 thought on “SPH–Do YOU know what it means?

  1. This is absolutely amazing. I am a male into SPH. I’m far from tiny, but I love it when girls tell me how inadequate I am. I even try to do things to shrink myself. And when a female starts making me do gay things, I get REALLY turned on. Anything from sucking a guy to putting on panties and dolling up. I’m game! The weirder, the better. I even have pictures of me wearing all kinds of girly things!


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