Shit Men Say Issue 3

“You caught my eye.”—proceeds to promptly delete his profile.

“You are a pretty woman can we talk and try have a serious relationship”–this was the THIRD profile he messaged me from. Fucker, I don’t want to talk!

“You betta think about me…naked.”–OR WHAT?!

“You are pretty woman. I have four tikits to a concert if you wanna go.”–Ok, 1. tikits. 2. did he call me a hooker?

“Is this where I’m suppose to ask what you’re wearing or something?”–No, no it’s not. If you’re asking if that’s what you’re supposed to do, go ahead and assume it’s not the right time.

“hey how are you doing? i live in USA now days in Pakistan to visit my sister as she is expecting a baby girl.” –uhhh, ok.

It’s been a slow week. Guess I need to add a new picture on the profile. haha

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