The Dick Whisperer

First off, sorry I haven’t been posting. I took a night job as a bartender and life has been busy!

Second, are any of you on Whisper? Let me say, if you’re committed to someone, THIS IS NOT THE APP FOR YOU. Whisper is insane. Horndogs everywhere, people. And I do mean everywhere. If you don’t believe me, post that you’re drunk and lonely and see what happens. It’s like throwing raw meet in a tiger den.


Anyways, was messaging this one guy. Sent me his pic and he’s fuckin hot, right? Naturally, I flirt. The next thing I know, he says he’s on his way to my part of town.

Wait, what? A hot guy coming to me…at…1am?

What the hell. So I meet him at Burger King. Because, you know, burgers and blowjobs go together.

Just kidding, BK wasn’t open.

He’s muscle-y and he has amazing tattoos. I mean…I wanted to lick each one, but I was too busy giving him a wonderful BJ instead. Cause hot guys need BJs. He tasted wonderful. He looked wonderful. If we both hadn’t worked the next morning, we probably would have mind blowing sex.

Now, if only I’d gotten his name…

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