Who is better in bed: older or younger men?

It’s an age old question, but I want to know your answer…is a younger man or an older man better in bed?

On one hand, the younger men are like fucking sex energizer bunnies. They go and go and go.

But on the other hand, older men know what the fuck they’re doing.

Now, I could be in the minority, but every man I’ve fucked under 30 doesn’t know how to make me orgasm without guided direction. They just don’t. Maybe they’re selfish, maybe they’re inexperienced, or maybe they’re fucking stupid. I don’t know.

But recently, I went home with a man 15 years my senior. I’ve never had sex with anyone more than 3 years older, so this was new for me. The salt and pepper look? Hot.

This man knew how to work a vagina. His fingers moved over my clit so swiftly I was orgasming before I realized what happened. He kissed me so passionately my panties were soaked within minutes. He finished me off FIVE times.

Five. Times.

After, I couldn’t move. My legs and body were singing in pleasure and I may have passed out briefly. It was amazing. I will definitely be going back for more.

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