Shit Men Say Issue 5

Oh, man. I have some fun ones this issue!!

  1. “I won’t you to myself”–I replied to this one. I’ll keep everyone updated.
  2. “Just thought I’d say hi and see if you’d like to talk sometime or if you’re ever in the market for a tattoo let me know”—interesting place to advertising your tattooing skills. Not sure I trust it.
  3. “How often do you like to show off what you have? I would love to see it up close and extremely personal!”–is he a gynecologist?
  4. “Hey sext”–do you think he meant sexy? And my beauty just overwhelmed him where he made a typo?
  5. “Your very beautiful”–how hard is the your/you’re thing!?
  6. “i wanna cum for you”–thanks?
  7. “I want to see you”–open your eyes?
  8. “Be even sexier if you opened them legs in that dress.”–seems like a good idea for a profile pic.
  9. “I love your beautiful smile.”–ummm my pic is of my legs?
  10. “Beard ride?”–not without seeing the beard, Justin.

Spelling mistakes are such a turn off. What are your turn offs?

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