Shit Men Say Issue 8

  1. “What is sexy in fat?”
  2. “Hey. Where’s the sexy you?”
  3. “Congratulations you have won the OkCupid lotto. You now get to message with a “normal” person who will not1. Curse at you if you don’t respond
    2. Talk only about how sexy or beautiful you are
    3. Ask if you’re a real person
    4. Send unsolicited pictures of my genitals
    5. Brag about a bunch of $$$ cars and jewelry that are all actually rentals or fake or just not true
    6. Just say “wassup sexy” or “hey”
    7. Tell you you’re so fine and ask why you’re single or on this app”


    P. S. This is not a scam and you really haven’t won anything but you do have my undivided attention”

  4. “Hey how are you. What are you looking for in a man? I’m looking for someone I can just have fun with. Doesn’t matter what we are doing as long as it’s fun and close to legal”
  5. “Maybe get a motel later”
  6. “Not sure what we did to get so lucky, but glad it worked.”
  7. “U like kissing”
  8. “Where’s the fat? Hahaha. My girl and I are swingers looking to meet new friends.”–I get so many threesome requests
  9. “I love having fun with a thick sexy lady”
  10. “Hello beautiful hawareyou”–what?

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