Shit Men Say Issue 10

  1. “Do what your kids like. I.e. NASCAR, etc”—umm I don’t have kids???
  2. “Hey sexy how are you doing? I’m looking for a wife 👫” –was that a proposal?
  3. “It’s a nice night” –Ugh. Small talk.
  4. “wow, your curves… are you kinky at all?” –I’ve fallen in love. *eye roll*
  5. “Hi do you like bbc ?” –such a weird way to start talking to someone.
  6. “Jek” –am I missing something?
  7. “THAT SHOT has been making me DROOOOL!” –hands fuckboy a napkin.
  8. “Oh do tell”–have never spoken before.
  9. “What a great smile” –pic is of my legs.
  10. “I’m going to Whole Foods. Need me to pick you up anything?” Second Message: “Pick up line I picked up from “Master of none”

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