Feelings and shit.

I haven’t blogged other than my Shit Men Say series in quite some time. I’ve been busy and shit, but I’m not giving excuses. I know everyone missed me and I apologize for it.

Anywho, I wanted to talk about something semi-serious. I know, I’m fucking shocked, too, but here it goes.

What emotion or desire fuels you? 

Weird question, right? Here’s some backstory. I was listening to my friend freak out about this guy she was seeing. He was looking for a wife, she was looking for a relationship, but not necessarily ready to think far enough ahead to wifey status. I told her it was because she was fueled by ambition, her career is much more important to her than a marriage, and he was fueled by love, he wanted the white picket fence and shit. They would NEVER work out their issues, IMHO, because they clearly wanted different things out of life. She’s on the fast track to being an executive in her 30s and he’s content with not being as successful.

They’re fueled by different emotions.

She’ll never understand how he can’t have the same ambitions. He’ll never understand how she can’t want love as badly as he does. After listening to her talk for an hour, it was obvious they both felt very strongly about their respective emotions and change wasn’t going to happen.

I proposed my assessment of the situation and she was shocked. She hadn’t thought of it the way I did. But you know what? It made sense.

So I want to know, do you think people with two completely different emotions fueling them can be together? Or do they need to have some degree of commonness in order to live in harmony?

What fuels you?

2 thoughts on “Feelings and shit.

  1. Hey! Interesting idea – I think you can have differing values but as long as they balance out/compliment each other or rather aren’t at completely different ends of the spectrum it can work. I reckon it also depends on your personality and whether you’re flexible around them, for instance I’ve never really known what I wanted to do in my career (still figuring it out!), whereas my boyfriend knows he wants to work in sports, but doesn’t mind what exactly. Because we’re both quite laid back, it’s easy 🙂


    1. I’m glad it’s working out for you! Both being laid back has to be helping. 🙂


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