Fuckboys Everywhere

Is anyone else being overrun with fuckboys? I think we need a vaccination or some sort of “Fuckboy Off” spray to get rid of them. If it’s not one fuckboy, it’s twenty. They’re like roaches, once one finds you, THEY ALL COME RUNNING.

I don’t like roaches and I don’t like fuckboys.

In fact, they’re driving me fucking nuts.

“I wait see pic of you not on facebook.” –Ok, wait? What? Fuck off, fuckboy. You aren’t getting nudes from me today or ever. Bye.

“What kinda food you like?” –not your dick, if that’s what you wanna know.

“I’m a nerd with a massive cock who likes Pokemon.” –haha ok, go poke-ye-man somewhere else, fuckboy. It’s probably not even 2 inches hard. Puh-leaze.

“Do you cuddle in your free time?” –Not with you. Bye.

“Lemme see you shower.” –Perv. Bye.

“What does that mouth do?” –bites your dick. Wanna see? I like to make it bleed.

These are just a few of my most recent encounters. What the fuck is going on? Why are they so desperate lately? Good grief. I’m about to release maniac Felicity on them all.

And she ain’t a nice bitch.

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