Shit Men Say Issue 12

  1. “I hate casual sex. Can we have a relationship instead? An extremely condensed and passionate relationship”
  2. “Tell me about yourself, what makes you tick? What do you desire in a man, out of life, out of relationships, out of sexually, socially, mentally, physically.”
  3. “Do you kik?” —–this drives me fucking insane.
  4. “I’m a little to real lollll but I’m an accountant and comedian so the comedy makes me comfortable saying silly shit. But wyd now? Besides thinking about me”
  5. “this pic of you is amazing… do you like having your ass licked?”–I replied only after I’ve pooped.
  6. “Alright cool. Let’s just fuck then”
  7. “Among other oral”–??? Do these men not realize they aren’t making complete sentences? Or even completely thoughts!
  8. “Those are some sexy fat chick size. If they are yours”–I think he meant legs?
  9. “So are you looking for a sugar daddy?”–Clearly. That’s why I’m on OkCupid. Sugar Daddies love the free shit.
  10. “Hi my name is Chris. Would you be interested in a hookup?”

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