Shit Men Say Issue 15

  1. “Would love to get to know the owner of those amazing legs. Send me a text sometime”
  2. “I would love to get naked with u”
  3. “Did I just give you a star? Does that mean we are married? Haha jk”
  4. “Hey wassup u sexy fat chick wyd besides thinking about me”–my reply, “Trying to figure out why you keep messaging when I don’t reply.”
  5. “Are those legs open for business? Because I’d like to dine in tonight.”
  6. “Hey are you into fun well endowed men?”
  7. “You are smoking HOTT but I am afraid we are on different paths. But wow you are beautiful”
  8. “Roses are red
    Violets are fine
    you be the 6
    I’ll be the 9”
  9. “French man”
  10. “hmm… ok…. I will pick you up and drop you.. I will I will rock you…. boom boom choo boom boom choo, I will I will rock you… bamm, aaaaaaaahahahahaha, hilarious”

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