Shit Men Say Issue 16

  1. “I thought you were using French fries as a sexual metaphor. If you did , ouch !”
  2. “Hey are you good at calculus?”
  3. “Is that a mirror in your pocket? Cause I can see myself inside your pants!!!”
  4. “Apparently we are the only two attractive people on here, I say we just delete our accounts now, go for drinks and talk about what kind of ring you want when we get married”
  5. “Those legs are so sexy that I would kiss your feet lol”
  6. “Iv’e heard sexy fat chicks give the best head.”
  7. “You must have a big snatch”
  8. “Isn’t dating just screwing. There’s a better way to do that”
  9. “what the hell. just call me. I got the looks, the money, the car and a villa at Disneyland.”

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