Shit Men Say Issue 18

  1. “You won’t regret meeting me”–Ha, surefire way to make me regret meeting you. Pass.
  2. “Hey do you need math tutor lessons?”
  3. “I’ll give you my money and my time. I’ll spoil you rotten. If you’re interested, let me know.”
  4. “Hey,

    I really want to make out with you…

    interested in grabbing a drink sometime?


  5. “Come to the bar in the Holiday Inn on Virginia Avenue, then I’ll go downstairs and drop a rehearsed pick-up line and then we can come up to my room for a hookup.
    Yes, I was trying to hit all the right things on your profile lol.”
  6. “Once you go Asian, you never go Caucasian!!!”
  7. “So I know I don’t have a profile pic. But let me just say. I’m very attracted to you. And I’d love to creampie you”
  8. “Do you often sit on rocks? It’s a good look for you. I could arrange for you sit on a hard place instead.”
  9. “If you were a vegetable you’d be a cute-cumber.”
  10. “You like middle aged white normal white guys with a small package”

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