Shit Men Say Issue 22

  1. So its says you are sarcastic…you feel your wit could match mine?
  2. Can young tell me more about what your looking for.
  3. Hey there! How are you? My bf and I are looking for someone to have fun with. He is having to move out of state so we are having a little fun before he goes. Please let me know if you are interested and we can exchange number/photos.
  4. Hey are you a sexy fat chick? If so I’ve got a question for you
  5. I’m really curious of your definition of fat. Before I think we might have our first disagreement
  6. What can Brown do for you? 😉
  7. Hello there,Your smile light up my screen..I hope you are doing good? Great Pictures Nice Profile & lovely Smiles.
  8. If you were a flower, you’d be a DAMNdelion
  9. How am I going to “pick up” if I don’t know what you look like?
  10. hi i wanna freak sumnn maybe>>>>>

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