Shit Men Say Issue 23

  1. You should send me a picture so I can see how sexy you are.
  2. Yo girl, you’re so pretty, like, I wanna throw you on the tracks
  3. Hey girl are you liquid eyeliner? Because I’m pretty sure I’m going to fuck this up
  4. Hey there, happy Monday evening! I’m Keith, just wanted to see if you’re interviewing new friends?
  5. Hey baby I hope you know CPR, cuz you’re taking by breath away!
  6. Good morning. I’m looking for a unicorn. Lol well I’m 43 and my girlfriend is 20 and she want a playmate for us
  7. What would you rather have from me?
    A. Nice date. Restaurant and a movie
    B. Meaningful intelligent conversations
    C. Multiple orgasms
  8. I was wondering if you thought it was ever okay to tell a lil white lie?
  9. You must be the most obscure Pictionary, because I’m drawing a blank
  10. Either way it’s a big commitment both in time and money. I may need to audit a couple of courses to see if it’s right for me.

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